Chris Heap

Job Role and years in current role(s)?
Secretary 3months. Committee 5 year


First memories of Nelson CC?
Riding my trike around the ground as a toddler and refusing to have my photo taken with Steve Waugh.


Favourite Professional @ Nelson CC?
As a supporter Joe Scuderi, awesome player in his pomp in the 90s, best stats of any pro, I always wanted a bright red South Australia helmet like his.

As a player Robin Peterson, brilliant all round player, top bloke and a good drinking partner!


Most memorable moment? (both on and off the pitch)
As a supporter watching Mick Bradley hit the winning runs off Alan Donald over cover at Rishton in the mid 90s.

As a player making my Lancs League debut against Lowerhouse as a last minute replacement. I opened the batting, scored a few, we won off the last ball in front of a big crowd and was a great feeling to play alongside the guys I had been watching for years.


What makes you carry on doing your job at Nelson CC?
I have grown up around the club and I want to see the club progress and strive for success on and off the field.


Best time/way to contact you?

Down the club every Wednesday and Thursday during the summer.


“…great feeling to play alongside the guys I had been watching for years”