Match Day Policy

Customer Notice – Covid 19 policy on Match Days

Nelson Cricket Club (the Club) has carefully considered all available guidance (“Guidance”) in respect of recreational cricket from 12 April 2021. This notice sets out the outcome of the risk assessment that the Club has undertaken in relation to that guidance, and the policy that will be applied. The risk assessment looked at the following:-

People at Risk
• Members
• Patrons
• Contractors
• Colleagues

• Spreading the virus to staff and the wider community
If no controls are in place within the outdoor areas it could increase the risk of transmission.
• Slips, Trips and Falls
With increased numbers outside the clubhouse the risk of trips and slips may increase.
• Dealing with Violence & Aggression
More people in the outdoor areas under stricter instruction about where to sit and how to move around may increase the risk to staff of aggressive behaviour.

Control Measures
Everybody attending Nelson Cricket Club on match days until the Guidance changes is required to comply with the requirements of this notice, failing which entry will be refused and/or you will be asked to leave immediately.

1. In accordance with the Guidance:

(a) the following visitors (Permitted Visitors) will be permitted entry to the Club ground on match days: (i) persons wishing to use the bar and to access hospitality, and other patrons (Patrons); (ii) Players; (iii) Umpires (iv) supervisers or carers of minors etc who are permitted entry by the Guidance (Supervisors) and (v) club officials from both the Club and the visiting club (Club Officials);

(b) spectators who are not Permitted Visitors will not be admitted and/or will be asked to leave. Each such attempted entry will be logged in accordance with the Guidance.

2. Immediately upon entry to the Club premises at the entrance gate, every Permitted Visitor will be required to sign a form giving their name, address, telephone number and capacity in which they should be permitted entry. This capacity will either be “Player” “Patron” “Umpire” “Scorer” “Superviser” or “Club Official”.

3. Every person signing in as a Patron will be directed to the designated Beer Garden at the Club, where they will find a table and seats from where their orders will be taken. Patrons will be asked additionally to check in with the NHS Covid-19 app where this is possible, and will be asked to confirm that they have provided their names and details at the gate.

4. Patrons may only consume drinks or food from the bar within the designated Beer Garden. No products bought from the bar may be taken outside the designated Beer Garden by any Patron. Drinks or food orders may only be taken by the server from your seats.

5. A Person who enters as a Patron must not leave the Beer Garden for the duration of his/her visit. Each other Permitted Visitor may remain at the Club’s grounds outside the Beer Garden for the duration of his/her visit, subject to compliance with this notice. Should any such other Permitted Visitor wish to consume drinks or food from the Club’s bar during their visit, he/she will be deemed to become a Patron for so long as they consume their drinks or food. Accordingly any such person must comply with the rules set out in this notice applicable to Patrons for this period.

6. Everyone not seated in the Beer Garden must wear a mask or face covering.

7. Patrons must sanitise on entry to the Beer Garden.

8. Permitted Visitors must: (a) avoid close contact with each other (including shaking hands and fist pumps) (b) not
move furniture (because it has been positioned for social distancing) (c)observe signage when moving around the
venue (d) in the case of Patrons, keep Children seated within the Beer Garden, and supervise them during toilet

9. The Club House toilets and washroom facilities will be available for all Permitted Visitors. However masks or face
coverings must be worn within the Club Building at all times, and customers must sanitize on entry and exit from the

10. Government guidelines on social distancing must be adhered to at all times within the grounds of the Club. In
particular Customers will be required to order and consume whilst seated with wider social contact rules applying
of either 6 people (the Rule of 6) or 2 households.

11. In accordance with the Guidance, service will be outdoors only. Please therefore remember that there is no
shelter if the weather turns inclement, so wrap up. It’s a small price to pay for a pint with your friends and family.

12. The Club has spent countless hours to improve facilities and more recently to open its facilities in line with
government regulations at significant time and cost. We would therefore ask all Permitted Visitors to not bring their
own drinks to games but to purchase from the Club.

13. Foul & abusive language will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Any person who uses foul & abusive
language will be asked to leave.

14. Please pay by card where possible. If not, cash will be accepted.

15. The Club has seating available for 75 customers in the Beer Garden. At peak times we may ask you to share your
table to maximise occupation. If you feel uncomfortable doing this, please let us know. Patrons will be refused entry
in the event of capacity being exceeded.

Be kind and courteous to our staff, treat them as you would wish to be treated