Junior Cricket Information

We have a thriving junior section at Nelson Cricket Club for all ages up to U17s level, with approximately 80 registered junior players. We are a friendly family club that is open to new players and new ideas. Our goal is for all our boys and girls to have maximum fun by playing and learning about cricket, and in so doing to improve their skills, make new friends outside school and to become an active club member.

Our club’s commitment to quality is evidenced by the fact that in 2016 three of our junior players represented Lancashire County Cricket Club in their appropriate age groups. But the club sees the development of those with lesser ability as equally important – with the emphasis always being on enjoyment gained through practice and self-development.
We set out below some basic information relating to junior cricket at our club:
Junior Summer Practice: In the summer we run junior practice nights at the club, which are led by a mix of professional coaches and volunteers (including team managers and current and ex players).

The timings for junior practice will change year on year, and the club hopes to publish details no later than the February prior to the start of each season. Junior practice sessions are divided into the U9 (up to School Years 4) , u11 (School Years 5 and 6), u13 (School Years 7 and 8) and u15 (school years 9 and 10) age groups.
In the 2017 season, the club expects the U9 sessions will be attended only by those in School Years 3 and 4, with younger players from School Year 2 attending practice only by exception and based on aptitude and ability, and only by prior arrangement. Further details of the clubs policy on this will be made available early in 2017.
Also for the 2017 season, no player from the u9 or u11 age groups will be allowed to practice unless there is a responsible adult remaining in attendance at all times throughout the practice session.

Details of the fees and subs payable, and what you need to do to attend junior practice, are set out below.
All players who wish to be considered to play in a team are expected to attend most or all of the summer practice sessions for the relevant age group. Teams are selected not just on ability, but also on practice attendance and the commitment of the player and his/her parents to the club.
New Junior Players: All boys and girls new to the club are welcome to attend summer or winter junior practice by prior arrangement with the club’s junior co-ordinator, Andrew Pettinger (details below), and may attend up to two free summer taster sessions without being members. Apart from the summer taster sessions, all junior players must register as junior members (see the Registration section).

Teams: We run teams at under 9 (School Years 3 and 4), under 11 (School Years 5 and 6) , under 13 (School Years 7 and 8) and under 15 (school Years 9 and 10) levels. Next year the club anticipates it will also run an U17 team (School Years 11 and 12). All these teams play in the Lancashire Junior League and cup competitions. Matches are generally played on weekday evenings normally with a 6 pm start, normally last about 2 to 2.5 hours, and can be any evening of the week. An exception to this is that a good proportion of U9 matches are played on a Saturday or Sunday morning with a 10 am start. Teams are picked on ability, attitude and commitment to the club and both boys and girls play for our teams. Each team can expect to play about 14 matches between end April and mid September.

U9, u11 and u13 Pairs matches are 8 a side, and batters bat in pairs for 4 overs each. If a batter is “out” the batter changes ends but is allowed to bat on for the remainder of his/her 4 overs. Each team has 16 overs to bat in total. This gives those new to cricket a good opportunity to learn basic skills in a match situation, and to participate fully regardless of skill level.

At u13 and u15 level matches are also played under normal cricket rules and matches last 20 overs a side, light permitting.
U9s matches are played with a soft “incrediball” (or similar). All other matches are played with a cricket ball. Under 11s and 13s play with a junior size cricket ball, and under 15s and above play with an adult size ball.

The initial Fixture list for 2017 will be posted on the website when finalised, normally about April in each year. This will not be updated during the season. If matches are rescheduled because of the weather, the responsible team manager and parents of team players will need to liaise (usually by text). After the season starts, team managers will communicate with their eligible players in relation to rearranged dates for matches.

Team Managers: Our junior Team managers for the 2016 season were:
U9s – Neil Smith
U11s – Colin Pemberton
U13s – Tony Bradley
U15s and u17s – Andrew Pettinger
In addition, Jack Bottomley assisted the managers.

Details of managers for the 2017 season will appear on the website early in the new year.
Kit: Whilst players who have been with the club for a while generally acquire their own kit, no specialist kit is necessary to attend training and the club generally has cricket gear that can be borrowed if needed. This is particularly the case for the younger players. The club is keen to ensure that nobody is prevented from trying or playing cricket because of a lack of kit.
Nelson branded clothing and accessories (with current sponsors) can be acquired by clicking on the club shop link on this website from the clubs partner supplier, Serious Cricket.
Transport to Matches: Parents are responsible for transport to away matches, and if necessary are expected make their own arrangements for lift sharing (etc). Whilst team managers and the club encourage (and will try to facilitate) lift sharing if they can, all parents should note that the club does not provide a transport service and that it is the parents’ responsibility to sort lifts for away matches. Away matches are all within the Lancashire area, and generally within a 20-30 minute drive.
Registration: At the beginning of the season (usually in mid April) the club holds a junior registration night. Forms will be available then for completion for signing on as junior members. All players are strongly encouraged to attend on that evening where information will be given about the forthcoming season. We encourage new players to contact Andrew Pettinger in advance of attendance at registration night. Registrations can also be undertaken throughout the season by arrangement with Andrew Pettinger, though wherever possible registration should be completed on registration night.

The cost of junior membership for the 2016 season for the u9, u11 and u13 age groups (whether joining at the beginning of or during the season) was £15, payable on registration night (or if later before the first training session attended). In addition to this, subs of £2.50 were payable for each training session attended, and £2 for each match played.
The cost of junior membership for the 2016 season for the u15 age group (whether joining at the beginning of or during the season) was £15, payable on registration night (or if later before the first training session attended). In addition to this, subs of £5 were payable for each training session attended, and £2 for each match played. The higher amount reflects a higher coach to player ratio for this group and anticipated numbers.

The pricing structure for the 2017 season, and details of the 2017 junior registration night, will be uploaded onto the website early in the new year.
Concessions are available for families with three playing children.

Managing the weather: If bad weather intervenes on a junior practice night, a message should be posted on this web site and/or the Club’s Facebook page, and the club will also endeavour to send a text to all junior members. Team managers will notify team members by text if a match cannot be played because of bad weather.
Club Facilities: Nelson is very fortunate to have an excellent large playing area as well as an attractive clubhouse with bar facilities, with plenty of outdoor and indoor seating. Generally, the bar is open on all practice nights and junior matches played during the week, and we find that parents enjoy junior practice nights as much as the children. The club also regularly hosts functions of all types, including weddings christenings, funerals, and birthday parties. Further details can be found elsewhere on the club’s website.
Social Nights: three or four events are arranged throughout the year for the junior section. These tend to be informal affairs (e.g. pie and peas or a barbecue) at the club house. The children are free to play on the pitch during such nights. The club also periodically arranges bands, musicians and other events throughout the year.
Junior Winter Practice: We offer coaching and nets for junior players in the winter. Sessions take place at the indoor facilities at Nelson and Colne College. These would typically start in the New Year, although last year we ran U15 coaching and net sessions from October 2015 due to high demand. Last year the cost of attendance at each session was £5, to cover the cost of hiring the hall and a professional coach. Whilst the winter practice is focussed on existing players, new players with experience and appropriate skills may be welcome by prior arrangement with Andrew Pettinger.

Can you volunteer? Our junior section depends upon volunteers who give their time for the benefit of the junior players. The club very much welcomes all those who are willing to help the club continue to thrive by volunteering in any capacity. If you are interested, please contact Andrew Pettinger.
Key Junior Contact: Andrew Pettinger can be contacted on 07775586509 and andrew.pettinger@addleshawgoddard.com.